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Investment Tips give you all you need to know about High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). Online Investing tips review of the most reliable proven and profitable online investment programs based on online investment info and online investment articles.

Most HYIP disclose little or no detail about real identity and location of their underlying management. They are sometimes presented with some form of an emotional appeal and promises that they will help investors achieve financial freedom. HYIP is a dangerous business for those who are interested in investing in High Yield investments with high returns.

It is common knowledge for anyone that has spent any time on the internet, that the vast majority of online investment programs are outright scams and those that aren't are often run with very poor professional and investment standards.

Investment programs here can merely be define as Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading, Online Digital Currency Exchanger, Stocks, Option, Index, Betfair or Sport Arbitrage, commodities and other high profit markets.

As many investors may know, Online Investment Programs offered via the internet are mostly end up with losses or scam. Extensive due diligence in credible and worthwhile offshore investment programs is substantially needed prior to invest your monies in. It should be noted that there are major difference between real investment programs and HYIP.

The main characteristics of HYIP are define as follow:
1. High daily rates
2. Compounding system is allowed
3. Low minimum initial deposit (principal as minimum as 1 usd)
4. Long holding periods of principal (usually takes 6 months or 1 year)
5. Referral commission is available

If you willing to play your monies with fun, HYIP can be a money game you are looking for. You should know when to get in and when to get out of the game, since HYIP adopt a ponzi/pyramid scheme which means the new comers pay the old members.

It just a matter of time when this program will collapse (short period in fact, when the number of new comers is less than or even the same as the old members). Hence the chance to get win as an old members is higher than the new comers.
But if you really are a genuine investor you should be wise enough not to have a look at that one. Here are several indications of real investment:
1. Reasonable monthly rate (less than 5%), more than that can be categorized as a high risk investments
2. No compounding
3. High minimum initial deposit (minimum principal is 50, 100, 1000 or sometimes 5000 usd)
4. Short holding periods of your principal (usually takes 1 month to 6 months)
5. No referral commission

Now the question is, if you successfully find an online investment programs that fulfilled all criteria above, are you assured that your monies will be working for you as a clock work without any delay? I would like to point out the difference between an ordinary investor and a smart investor below.

Following my previous statement, here some Investment Tips I would like to share with you in order not to become an ordinary investor but a smart investor. Some good online investment programs indicated by:
1. They give you ID of traders + fund manager, office location and respective phone number.
2. They give you proof of their trading.
3. Due Diligence by third party will be an added value.
4. Usually they become hot topics on many investment blogs and forums.

Few things need to be highlighted once you willing to get in or already inside the investment program in regards to rules changing (terms and conditions) of each investment.
1. Adding minimum deposit
2. Going private
3. Profit rate or principal withdrawal takes a longer time than it should be.
If you aware, these might be a red flag or a true sign that the investment program you are referring to is experienced problems. Get out quickly because you do not know on the next day they will gone with your monies. Several excuses will be provided by them such as:
1. Trading loss
2. Site and payment processor being hacked
3. fraudulently deceived by a single individual who has full control of assets

At my last Investment Tips, I would like to emphasize NEVER ever double you money in one investment program. Takes your monies once their reach 20 – 30% in profit. Put the maximum 50% in profit if you confidence enough with your investment program and move to another venture. Its better to play safe though and hope stay on the right track making money to fully possible extent.

Currently only one online investment program is worth investing in at the moment.
Life Holdings

Have a look at and see what you think. I do not want to encourage or discourage anyone from joining. That is a personal decision that one should make after checking all the facts. Don’t put all of your money in one single investment program. Please invest responsibly at your own risk within your limits. Profits are expected, but there is not explicit guarantee. I will not be liable for any losses since high returns imply inherent high risks. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Investment Tips
Investment Tips give you all you need to know about High Yield Investment Programs.

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